Dr. Hillson graduated from the University of Western Ontario in 1994 with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She and her husband then moved “back home” to Alberta where they enjoy life with their three children.

Dr. Hillson has a successful private practice in Airdrie, Alberta where she focuses on individual and couple therapy. She has a special interest in police and military psychology as well as providing services to the general public. Dr. Hillson routinely sees clients for treatment of stress, anger, depression, and anxiety disorders. She also provides psychotherapy to clients who have experienced trauma in either the distant or recent past. In addition, Dr. Hillson also enjoys working with clients who are looking for assistance to successfully make lifestyle modifications in order to achieve greater health. Finally, in addition to providing individual therapy, a significant part or Dr. Hillson’s practice includes providing therapy to couples experiencing relationship difficulties.

When away from her practice, Dr. Hillson is a busy mom and wife, running after kids, doing volunteer work, working out and when she can she loves riding horses and preparing meals for family and friends.